“I believe that food makes the moment, and nothing makes me feel more satisfied or creative than cooking for others.” MaryRuth Rera

If I have been successful, it’s for one reason:  I’m a food innovator who delivers personalized service and delicious food choices for my clients. 

My clients have high expectations for service, taste, and experiences and that’s a perfect fit with their zeal for healthy living. I love to experiment with high-quality ingredients, turning them into healthy dishes with surprising flavors, textures, and visual appeal.

From the first consultation to the final presentation of a family dinner or corporate event, I carefully plan every detail with my clients. I customize each event with food choices and preparation that meet their individualized tastes.

I know how important meals can be to families and to businesses.  My clients want delicious food, the best ingredients, attention to detail, and a fine atmosphere.

They want to live well, be healthy and work productively.

Contact: MaryRuth Rera. She will assist you in planning your next culinary experience for corporate or personal needs.


Personal Chef and Fine Catering Services